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Infection is a Twine game talking about two people in an apocalypse. Amy is an orphan and Mark is a person who has let her into his basement. Outside, the city is cut off because of a sickness, a fungal infection, that is contagious and may even turn people into white-eyed monsters.

Mark is a loner – a person who distrust everyone. He let Amy in only because she brought much-needed food. He is cruel to Amy and doesn’t share. Amy doesn’t expect better, she is used to people treating her callously.

I wish to let players feel the "character arc" of Mark.  You can go through the story if you treat Amy better (Stop her and go to downtown yourself). However, people’s relationship builds faster when bad things happen (More plots happened when you let Amy goes and she gets sick).

I used a long time to balance the choices. It’s a choice game that I wish to make every choice mattered and reasonable. This is my first time writing such a long story and this is also my first time using Twine. Wish you enjoy this story.

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Not a bad first story, I played two times. I like the interactions between Mark and Amy, but bad things can happen fast so the story feels a little cut off (maybe because I got two bad endings). I'd prefer a little more development before things go  off a cliff, haha.  Looks like maybe it was translated (?) so the english is a little odd, but a good effort.

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Thanks for playing my story! I am very happy that you like the interactions between Mark and Amy ^_^. Have you played through the good ending? For the English part, I am still learning how to write to make it not odd, maybe I need to find someone to help me to correct the grammar and some weird sentences. Thank you.

I finally got the nice ending. Keep up the good work.